2006 Nevus Outreach International Conference and Reunion


The 5th Nevus Outreach International Conference and Reunion was held July 12 - 15, 2006 at the Dallas Marriott Solana Hotel in Westlake, Texas.

The 2006 conference offered opportunities to hear top scholars in the fields of Dermatology and Psychology on how to thrive with a Nevus. For those seeking information on surgical options, top surgeons have always been invited to our conferences to educate attendees about what they do. There was substantial time for one-on-ones with the doctors, and they welcomed it.

The Dallas Marriott Solana swimming pool hosted our 5th legendary pool party under a full tent, with mist circulating - of course Texas was hot, but we kept cool as we swam in style. There was pizza for those of discriminating taste, and for the rest of us, we had a pool-side Texas-style Barbecue.

To better meet the needs of our attendees, Nevus Outreach secured professional, licensed childcare for all of Conference 2006.

Perspectives & Memories from the 2006 Conference:

We asked conference attendees and staff members to share some of their favorite memories and take-aways from the conference. It was a fantastic time of learning and connecting with other nevus families. Check out what they had to say below!

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Perspective: Hilary Welch

I've never attended a family reunion, but I felt like I was watching one as I sat at Wednesday night's registration table and watched old friends greet each other with warm hugs and talk to each other as if the past two years had been a momentary interruption in an ongoing conversation. Children and adults alike rekindled relationships with an ease that blew me away, reminding me more of a warm family reunion than a stuffy medical conference.  Continue Reading »


Perspectives: Children at the Conference

Although many parents attend Nevus Outreach conferences for the unique opportunity to listen to and speak with many of the world's foremost experts on nevi, children enjoy conferences for a simpler reason. They enjoy spending time with other children who are like them, children who already know what a nevus is and why they have to be careful to wear sunscreen before playing in the pool, children who look at them and see skin twins and lifelong friends instead of someone who is different.  Continue Reading »


Post-Conference Update

It's Mid-August and the heat is getting old here in Oklahoma. We should all be on vacation. Or should we? One of the many things that set Conference 2006 apart from all the ones that have come before it, is that there is so much to do as a result of it. Since our inception, we have taken a much-needed breather after each conference. There's no rest for the weary this time!  Continue Reading »


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