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Nevus Outreach Welcomes Science Journalist Pat McAdams

Nevus Outreach Weclomes Pat McAdams

We welcome Pat McAdams
to our team.

In our effort to provide the best content possible, you may have noticed a new name in our bylines. Patricia McAdams, or “Pat” as we are coming to know her, is an award-winning journalist with more than 20 years experience writing scientific and medical copy for a general audience. Her articles have appeared in many publications including the AARP Bulletin, the Washington Post, Women Magazine, Family Circle, and publications of the National Academy of Sciences. Pat is based in Pennsylvania.

We welcome Pat McAdams and the expertise she brings to our team. If you would like to discuss her articles or talk about topics of interest, you can email Pat: or click on the link in any article she’s written.

For more information, visit our staff page.

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