Nevus Outreach, Inc., The association for Large Nevi and related disorders.
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Volunteer Your Time to Nevus Outreach

Volunteers enrich the effectiveness of Nevus Outreach, and there are a variety of opportunities to support our mission with a generous gift of your time.

Grassroots Beginnings

In its early years, Nevus Outreach was a grass roots organization run entirely by volunteers. Together we accomplished some amazing things. We have coordinated the construction of the Nevus Quilt, organized an International Conference on Nevi, provided educational literature, an online community where people with large nevi could interact, and offered support to those in need.

Although the organization now has a small permanent staff, Nevus Outreach remains good custodians of its funds by using volunteers whenever possible. We are still a grassroots organization.

If you have an interest in any of the areas listed on this page, or have another idea about where you can serve Nevus Outreach, please contact us at .

Volunteer Opportunities

Nevus Outreach Conference Volunteers

Do we need some help making a wonderful experience for 400+ people? Yes! Nevus Outreach conferences are successful because of expert staff and dedicated volunteers working together to make everything go smoothly. As more people find Nevus Outreach, the conferences get bigger. With a larger number of attendees, a larger volunteer staff is needed. Contact us by emailing or calling 918-331-0595 if you can volunteer some time in the following areas:

  • Kid activities off-site chaperone: accompany kids to the various off-site activities.
  • Kid activities on-site chaperone: keep on-site kid activities moving smoothly.
  • Body imaging assistants: preferably healthcare professionals to work with Canfield Scientific to keep our Total Body Photography moving smoothly.
  • Talent show emcee: Host for the Friday night event, introducing acts and keeping the audience engaged.
  • Conference sign-up greeters: Hand out packets and welcome people to the conference.
  • Runners: Perform tasks as assigned as they come up during the conference, will vary.
  • Special Diet Coordinator: Make sure those with specific dietary needs are appropriately served at each meal.
  • Registration Desk: Help people sign into the conference.

PS. If you are a first-time attendee and were considering volunteering, we appreciate your willingness and generosity, but do not accept first-timers as volunteers. We want you free to mingle, attend sessions, or have some private time to yourself, as needed. But, we look forward to your help the next time!

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