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Testimonial: Robert Brown

Having 44 years of wisdom (as Megan says it) I was skeptical as to whether the conference would be beneficial to me. After all, I'm way past removing anything and I'm at a different stage in my life than most people attending. All I wanted to do was be a resource if possible. I figured topics would be mostly about babies, children, expanders and all of the new surgical technology today.I probably wasn't going to be of much help to anyone. I was so skeptical that I actually had back up plans to visit Dealey Plaza and Grapevine Mills during the day or evening whenever my interest waned.

About 15 minutes after registering Wednesday evening Anne Houseal and Paul Houser greeted us and thanked me for coming. Wow, I hadn't even done anything yet I thought. I didn't know it at the time, but this was the beginning of 3 days that would be like no 3 days I had ever experienced before. The more people I met and talked with, the more special the time became.

Most of the topics were about the babies, children, expanders, technologies and medical presentations with thick accents. But that was good and important. The group panels with the other adults and parents were the reason I attended. And they did not disappoint. The other adults with nevus that I met were/are outstanding, unbelievably strong and compassionate people. And fun to be around too! The time between and after sessions, or during medical sessions targeted towards the parents of young children,was the time I thought I would bailout and check out the sights; I (we) spent that time talking with parents with concerns and questions, or just sharing experiences with other adults.

Since we've returned home, Molly and I have spent about every late night evening talking about the amazing experience we shared, the wonderful people we met and how that time was one of those very rare life changing experiences that you just can't describe and give it full justice. If I want to see Dealey Plaza or Grapevine Mills, I'll have to stay an extra day or two next time.

Thanks Nevus Outreach for an amazing experience.

Robert Brown

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