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Testimonial: Rita Pink

I was very anxious to attend the conference explicitly for the experience of meeting other nevus people. Having spend the first 61 years of my life "all alone," I had hoped this would be an opportunity not only to get support from others but also perhaps to give support to some, The entire 4 days more than surpassed all expectations!! I enjoyed the talks & learned a lot about the new techniques in place for treatment and/or removal. But more that, I learned to be more open with other adults & kids. I hope I was able to help some parents to see how their kids can and will grow up to live normal lives. Some peple told me that I was an inspiration to them, but I felt that a lot of them inspired me more.

I especially enjoyed the opportunity to bond with so many other adults & hope at the next conference we can have more time to spend together.  Unfortunately, with so many people & such a tight schedule to accomplish everything, I didn't feel that we had enough time to get to know everyone.  I for one, would enjoy a time set aside for all of the adults to get together & spend some time alone.

I am looking forward to all future conferences & wish to thank everyone who worked so hard to make the impossible possible, "100 nevus people all in the same place at the same time" what a wonderful feat that was.

Rita Pink

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