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Please join us at the 2012 Nevus Outreach Conference & Reunion

Megan Fields, the Director of Development for Nevus Outreach, grew up with nevi.

Camilo, Whitney & Robin Cowper

My family has attended every one of the nevus conferences since the first one in 1998. Our daughter, Whitney, who was born with a giant bathing trunk nevus and lots of satellites, was just five years old at the first conference-- now she is 19 and is a dance major at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia! The support that my husband and I have gained from the conferences has helped us through many moments of indecision and worry. And even though our daughter has never really endured any teasing or discomfort, I have no doubt that being around all the other kids and adults with giant nevi has played a huge role in her strength, poise and confidence.

Nevus Outreach and the conferences have given so much to my family in the way of fun, education and friendships. Now, we truly hope that the 2012 conference will be one of the most fulfilling experiences of your life.

Robin Cowper
2012 Conference Chair

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