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Current Outreach Angels

An Elite Group

Outreach Angels give to Nevus Outreach monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis and provide valuable funding for everything from phone bills to medical research. The Outreach Angels are regarded as the most dedicated of all those who give to Nevus Outreach.  Their incremental donations transfer across automatically, silently ensuring we will make a bigger and bigger difference in the lives of people affected by large nevi by having the best web site to click on, a phone number to call, and ultimately a cure or treatment.

How can I become an Outreach Angel?

You can become an Outreach Angel by visiting our donation form to set up your recurring gift. It’s easy! Of if you prefer, download this form, fill it out, sign it, and send it to Nevus Outreach.

How much do Outreach Angels give?

Currently, our circle of supporters (87 at present) has given over $175,000 to Nevus Outreach.  The smallest monthly amount is $4 and the largest is $300.  Combined together, the Outreach Angels currently give over $4000 per month.

How was Outreach Angels formed?

In 2002, Chairman of the Board Pierre Gremillion and grandparent Ken Ward recommended a class of financial supporter where the donor would commit to incremental monthly automatic withdrawals to ensure the continued operation of Nevus Outreach.

Who are the Outreach Angels?

Outreach Angels are people from all walks of nevus life – people with nevi, their parents, their grandparents, their siblings, their friends, and their doctors.  We wish to thank the following people who currently support Nevus Outreach in this way:

  • Rita Pink
  • Molly St John and Brian St. John
  • Suzan Cerqua
  • Kurt and Lu Karr
  • Tara and David Osborne
  • Jenna and Tim Connors
  • Taylor Scott
  • Merilee and Dustin Vance
  • Katie Lay
  • Mike and Betsy Loehr
  • Alison Gopnik
  • Teresa and Dave Cody
  • Jaclyn and Joshua Mandel
  • Maggie and Jeff Mangold
  • Julia and Jim Morris
  • Pete and D'Ann Gerbine
  • Darlene Zumo
  • Marjorie and Thomas Reichard
  • Robin Cowper-Casal and Antonio Casal
  • Danielle and George Stamatiou
  • Wiatt Bowers
  • Karen and Norm Kane
  • Catherine Freeman
  • Sarah and Kevin Cunningham
  • Kelly and Jeff Hoffman
  • Melissa and Fredrick Green
  • Sarah Gibbs
  • Wayne Burns and Heather Munroe
  • Garen Corbett
  • Jaimee and Mark Ryan
  • Wayout Rightfield
  • Brian and Jennifer King
  • Mark Sanchez and Andrea Berkley-Sanchez
  • Kenny and Mundy Price
  • Ronnie Khuri
  • Robin and Michael Snider
  • Mark Beckwith and Kathy Stewart
  • Zach Prichard
  • Travis and Cassandra Bailey
  • Allison Jensen
  • Jane and Rodger Monson
  • Jeffrey and Sage Dix
  • Ida Lopez
  • Lynn Montgomery
  • Margot Roen
  • Elsa Seifert
  • Susan Edelstein
  • Beth and Christopher LoPresti
  • Juliana and Matt West
  • Michael Risser
  • Sara Kaynor
  • Roland and Dyanne Savage
  • Carrie and Shannon Burns
  • Heidi and Gary Van Deutsch
  • Karen and Joe Dix
  • Barbara G. Smith
  • Geraldine Dare
  • Mrs. Yoko Kelly
  • William Whetstone
  • Gloria Silva
  • Melinda Young
  • Dr. Andrea Bischoff
    Mr. Kyle Behymer
  • RG and Amy Layland
  • Patsy and Jerry Pruiett
  • Alberto Vidaurre
  • Seema and Nalin Joshi
  • Cari and Justin LaGrow
  • Marianne Coombes
  • Cristine and Jackson Phillips
  • Alan Bridgewater
  • Angela Lowe
  • Vincent and Christine Liu
  • Stephanie and Matt Delaney
  • Lisa and Shane O'Bryan
  • Mary Kay Lincoln
  • Megan Fields
  • Paul Houser and Anne Houseal
  • Tanya Gullholm and Terje Skresholdt
  • Robert and Molly Brown
  • Kristal and James Palassis
  • Michelle Vang
  • Kimberley and Neal Leitner
  • Jennifer Schwartz
  • Lauren Young
  • Melodie Watts
  • Karen and Brett Zimmer
  • Kent and Julie Blount
  • Kenneth Wright
  • Bryan and Katherine Chalk
  • Mark Golden
  • Dr. Miguel Reyes-Múgica
    Dr. Cláudia Salgado
  • Joyce Briseno
  • Judith Goldberg
  • Michelle Bellavigna
  • Gerald and Joanne Cunningham
  • Kent Stroman
  • Phil and Amber Madow
  • William and Barbara May
  • Amanda and David Kinley
  • Dr. Jason Martin
    Dr. Jennifer Martin
  • Kim and Jeff Hoogendoorn
  • Patsy and Jerry Pruiett
  • Keith and Birute Rosequist
  • Lori Anderson
  • Jud Young
  • Jason and Tracy Downey
  • Larry and Wendy Marchel
  • Norma and Seymour Hurwitz
  • Billie and Tom Roane
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