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Nevus Online Support Group

Support From People Who Know What You're Going Through

Connect with people who have been there and understand the implications of having a large nevus.

What are the Nevus Outreach Support Groups?

The Nevus Outreach Support Group is like a big round-table discussion, only it takes place on Facebook or on email.  All the people in the group get all the messages addressed to the group - so when someone asks a question and someone else has an answer, the communication takes place in an open forum, allowing others to chime in with related questions or experiences.

This is the one place in the world where you are going to find so many other people who understand what you're going through (1800 people on Facebook and 900 people on Yahoo!). The people in our groups understand what life with a large nevus is like.

I'm addicted to Facebook. What do I do?

We have a large group on Facebook (nearly 3000 members). There are quite a number of groups when you look for "nevus" so click on the one that says "Nevus Outreach, Inc." and you'll be in the big group. Visit the Nevus Outreach Facebook page.

I'm not on Facebook. I like to use Yahoo!  What do I do now?

First, you have to become a Yahoo! User.  Then search on Yahoo! under "Groups" for this string: "NOISupport" and it will show you our group.  Then you ask to join it from Yahoo! and we get an email to approve you.  Make sure you write something where asks for comments that tells us you are for real.  We have to screen out health product salespeople all the time, so say something about the nevus in your life!

Are there Support Groups in my area?

A large congenital melanocytic nevus is a rare condition, and as such, there are not likely to be many (or any) people in your hometown who share the condition, making local support groups not practical. Still, it is our goal to bring people with large nevi together, and we strive to do that any way possible. Through our biennial conferences, the Nevus Outreach Support Group and Facebook, friendships are forged that offer a lifetime of emotional support. Become a part of the Nevus Outreach Community, the largest nevus support group we know of!

Join the Nevus Outreach Support Group

It is unfortunate that we as parents of patients have to search for information, but thank goodness for this support group.  It is such a resource and support.

Allison J.

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