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Nevus Outreach Card Contest Winners

Presenting the 2010 Nevus Card Contest Winners!

We had so many great entries in the card contest - picking the winners was a hard decision. A great big THANK YOU to all who entered!

Nevus Card Contest Winners - Christmas CategoryChristmas Card Category

(Cards pictured from left to right)

EllaJane Mahon - age 7

Donna Silberstein


Nevus Card Contest Winners - Birthday CategoryBirthday Card Category

(Cards pictured from left to right)

Ariella Kushner - age 9

Alayna Mahon - age 10


Nevus Card Contest Winners - Note Card CategoryNote Card Category

(Cards pictured from left to right)

Marjoirie Etchevers - age 10

Megan Stewart - age 13

Caleb Schoessow - age 4


If you have any questions, please contact Wendy Kushner (mom to Ariella, age 9, cape nevus) at or 732-603-0552.


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