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The Nagel Family

Carl & Beth Nagel, Lincoln 4 1/2, Sully 22 months

Nagel Family

Family: Carl & Beth Nagel, Lincoln 4 1/2, Sully 22 months
Location: Dell Rapids, South Dakota

We entered the Nevus Outreach family almost 2 years ago, shortly after our son Sullivan (“Sully”) was born with a giant cape nevus covering his entire back with minimal wrapping bilaterally onto his sides. He was born with a few satellites which have now increased to a few hundred. Being from a rural area in South Dakota, the knowledge of our local medical community was minimal to say the least. I quickly turned to the internet and found Nevus Outreach within days after Sully’s birth. Nevus Outreach has been the second most valuable tool that my family has had in caring for our super hero nevus owner, second only to our faith in God. Through Nevus Outreach we have found amazing physicians to manage our son's care, become equipped with tools to better care for and parent our nevus angel (and his equally spectacular big brother), gained the knowledge needed to educate the medical professionals in our area and received incredible emotional support and made friendships to last a lifetime! We look forward to meeting even more nevus family at the next Nevus Outreach conference next summer.

Sully’s LCMN is 70% removed and is freshly post-op after having his third round of tissue expanders placed on May 10th, 2011. At least one more round and some revisions are remaining in his surgical treatment for the removal of his giant nevus.

We invite you to learn more about our family, Sully’s cookbook fundraiser, and his nevus story at our family blog:

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