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The Mission of Nevus Outreach, Inc.

Nevus Outreach is dedicated to: improving awareness and providing support for people affected by large congenital melanocytic nevi, and finding a cure.



Improve awareness and education about large congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) and neurocutaneous melanocytosis (melanosis) (NCM) including:

  • Producing literature on CMN and NCM, using content approved by our Professional Advisory Committee.
  • Distributing this educational material as widely as possible to doctors, patients and the public using direct mail, in-person handouts and the Internet.


Provide support for people with CMN and NCM, including:

  • Operating a vital link to new parents and others through our 24/7 “lifeline” telephone number.
  • Offering support for psychological issues and the everyday problems specific to people with CMN and NCM.
  • Holding bi-annual conferences which bring people affected by CMN and NCM together with each other and with medical and psychosocial professionals.
  • Providing services such as email based discussion groups and online publications to help those affected by CMN and NCM to interact and share experiences and insight with each other.
  • Promoting social and psychological research and programs which benefit people affected by CMN and NCM.
  • Helping people with CMN and NCM who require medical treatment to obtain it.
  • Making up-to-date information about current research and medical discoveries available to members and other interested parties.

Treatment or Cure

Find a treatment or cure for CMN and NCM including:

A mother holding her little girl with several nevi on her face.

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