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Weekdays of Thanksgiving – Day 2 - Tuesday

We interrupt this series to share breaking news.  When Alison Gopnik of the Wall Street Journal asked if she could link to Nevus Outreach in her Thanksgiving column, we got geared up to have this happen ... on Thanksgiving.  Well, hold the presses, the piece was published today!

Alison is the grandmother of a new child with a large congenital melancytic nevus (CMN) and her family attended the Nevus Outreach Conference last July.  It made such an impression on them that she wanted to help us get the word out!  She is so kind.  From all of us, Alison, you get the big THANK YOU on this Tuesday of the Weekdays of Thanksgiving.  

As for me, I have arrived on the island of Curacao to play my worldwide radio games, and it was a long day, and it's after midnight, and ... I'm trounced and heading to bed.

But, I mean, the Wall Street Journal.  How excellent!


Weekdays of Thanksgiving – Day 1 - Monday

It occurs to me to stop and think about all the parts of Nevus Outreach I’m thankful for this week. Of course I thought about it while driving and couldn’t do a brain dump on the spot. Now it’s past bedtime and I’m finally getting around to writing it. It will make a proper series of daily blogs before the weekend when I will be steeped in my hob Read more...

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears

 Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator, Taylor Scott

Today's blog is from Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator Taylor Scott, who assists me in more ways than I can remember.  We continue ongoing conversation about how to cont Read more...

The Sad Side of Success

On the unhappy occasion of Christian's passing, I wondered quietly to myself what the incidence of death was among people who had congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) becuase, well, it just seemed like so many kids were dying recently.

I wondered it quietly to myself until someone else brought Read more...

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