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The Woo-Hoo! Power of the Internet

Over the weekend, my wife Kathy Stewart thought to remind everyone who might make a purchase at on, what, Black Friday? - Cyber Monday? - whatever those are – to go through the Nevus Outreach gateway.   In a stroke of brilliance, I had seen my friends at another organization push their own Amazon affiliate program with a nice looking festive holiday graphic, so I asked Copper Cup to design one for us:


Amazon Holiday Graphic

Then, to talk up the program I wrote a short article for our web site about it.  As I researched the facts for the article, I discovered just how much we have received from Amazon over the years, and it’s a surprisingly large number.

I’m asking you to consider being a part of this success story.  I am asking you to remember to always make your Amazon purchases through Nevus Outreach.  I am asking you to tell all your friends they can help by doing this too!

Thank you.

The case for a Worldwide Registry

This morning I am working on the worldwide registry that was pretty much voted into existence in Marseille at the Expert Meeting we worked hard to make possible at Nevus Outreach.  This is one of the reasons there was such an i Read more...

A New Elevator Story

I was reminded today of the story of getting on the elevator to leave the hospital with Megan after she was born.  We walked to the 6th floor elevator lobby: myself and Kathy, and the head nurse pushing Megan on some kind of little baby-carseat-gurney.  We called for the elevator.  When the door opened it was already so packed we couldn’t fit so we  Read more...

Fundraiser - Do You Like Porsches?

Mark holding the Stanley Cup


Yes, that is the Stanley Cup.  But that is not the point.  Just look at those cars!  I am standing amongst the largest collection of street-legal Porsche automobiles in the United States.  If Read more...

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