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Weekdays of Thanksgiving – Day 1 - Monday

It occurs to me to stop and think about all the parts of Nevus Outreach I’m thankful for this week. Of course I thought about it while driving and couldn’t do a brain dump on the spot. Now it’s past bedtime and I’m finally getting around to writing it. It will make a proper series of daily blogs before the weekend when I will be steeped in my hobby beyond any practical measure.

Today is Monday. I’ll get to different facets tomorrow, but today I would like to remember Nevus Outreach itself. Before Nevus Outreach, almost all people affected by large congenital nevi felt alone, they didn’t meet other people with nevi, and they didn’t know anyone who could relate to what they were going through. Even most of their doctors were at a loss to understand the most basic things about their disorder.

Upon this 17th anniversary year of the founding of Nevus Outreach, things have changed quite a lot for the better, for people affected by large congenital nevi. Now thousands of people all over the world know they are not alone, they know others who can relate to what they are going through, and their doctors are, for the most part, much better informed than they used to be.

Nevus Outreach has played a major part in bringing all this about. Speaking for one family affected by this rare disease, at the most basic level, I am thankful for Nevus Outreach.

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears

 Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator, Taylor Scott

Today's blog is from Nevus Outreach Executive Administrator Taylor Scott, who assists me in more ways than I can remember.  We continue ongoing conversation about how to cont Read more...

The Sad Side of Success

On the unhappy occasion of Christian's passing, I wondered quietly to myself what the incidence of death was among people who had congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) becuase, well, it just seemed like so many kids were dying recently.

I wondered it quietly to myself until someone else brought Read more...

A Celebration in Arizona

I can’t deny it, I get a rush when things go just exactly right, and according to plan. Yesterday afternoon, among all the other things I was doing, I had to choreograph a sequence of about 6 phone calls, the latest in a long series required to take our best shot at getting Arizona Medicaid, called “Mercy Care”, to cover the laser removal of a Nevus of Read more...

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