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A Lovely Surprise

I mentioned to a number of people that I would be in San Francisco “attending a bunch of dermatology meetings.” I admit it, I can’t help it, it’s how I’m built and wired, but I love this stuff. I get to take in the talks at the American Academy of Dermatology by people talking about congenital melanocytic nevi, and renew connections with all of our champions at the Winter meeting of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology, and all our nerd giant pals (you know I’m a geek secretly, right?) at the International Society for Digital imaging of the Skin.

So, I was thinking of all the people I would see and I guess it did not occur to me that I would see Dr. Veronica Kinsler. Lucky me! It was the most lovely surprise, and we sat and talked for an hour and got caught up on things. My goodness, there was so much to get caught up on! She has got up such a big head of steam when it comes to the study and treatment of congenital nevi and neurocutaneous melanocytosis. It was great to talk to her!

We’re sitting at the Society for Pediatric Dermatology meeting - AAD starts tomorrow, and ISDIS emerges briefly as an always-excellent Saturday evening event, where such studies as the Nevus Outreach Total Body Photography are right at home.

A presenter here, who is not in our expert circle,  just described our new classification system. That is a very good sign.

Then another presenter just opined, “Pay attention to moms. Moms are smart.” What have I been saying for years? Nice to hear it from a doctor.

I am pleased to learn that Rick Guidotti’s ongoing work with Positive Exposure, and also a pediatric anesthesiologist speaking on “Effects of Anesthesia on the Developing Brain,” will both be covered at the coming SPD this summer in Boston. I’ll be there.

Keeping On Keeping On

Today Kathy and I are halfway to the NIH for her initial workup for a clinical trial for patients suffering from the currently unexplained life-threatening conditioning she is grappling with called simply Idiopathic Anaphylaxis. Kathy is only the 21st patient to get to this point in the screening Read more...

We are One in How Many?

Here's a very short clip from the 2013 Expert Meeting where Dr. Sven Krengel, who has risen to the top of the field especially when it comes to a comprehensive knowledge of the literature and applying it to the world of congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN), debunks one of the many myths of CMN, that often quoted number "one in 500,000."

Dr. Krengel has authored the

Nevus Merchandise Available Now!

Goodness. It's that very crazy time of year. We had hoped to get our Nevus Merchandise Store up and running sooner, in fact, it's been built for nearly 2 weeks. Since then we have been taking crash courses in PayPal, because if it was not one thing it was another. Last night we finally got it to where yo Read more...

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