Nevus Outreach, Inc., The association for Large Nevi and related disorders.

2016 Conference Speaker: Mark Beckwith

Mark Beckwith is a speaker at the 2016 Nevus Conference


Mark Beckwith is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nevus Outreach, established in 1997 to improve awareness and support for people affected by congenital melanocytic nevi, and to find a cure. Additionally he serves as Secretary to Naevus Global, an international federation of nevus patient associations. His daughter Megan was born with a large congenital melanocytic nevus in 1996. She is alive and well. Under Beckwith’s leadership, Nevus Outreach has grown to be the largest nevus patient-centric organization in the world by any metric, funding over a million dollars, much of it raised fifty or a hundred dollars at a time, in scientific research.

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