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The Kramer Family

The Kramer Family

Kramer Family

Christmas Eve morning 2009 we unknowingly entered this wonderful Nevus Outreach family with the birth of our daughter, Addyson. She was a healthy, beautiful baby with a birthmark covering over half of her back, her left shoulder and upper chest, upper left arm, entire neck, the left side of her face and left ear, and about 75% of her head. She also had 19 satellites (which in her two years has increased to a few hundred). Because she was born in a small town, no one could tell us anything about her birthmark other than it was called nevus. So we were referred to University of Michigan to meet with a dermatologist and plastic surgeon. It was through these Drs that we found out about Nevus Outreach and I am grateful every day for this group. Addyson had her 6th removal surgery Jan 30, 2012 (this surgery was the toughest so far for us to prepare for as it was the first time she had anything done to her head and face). Being able to talk with other parents who went through the removal experience as well as all the other wonderful people in this nevus family really helps. You can contact me at . I love meeting new people and am happy to answer any questions that you may have!!

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