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International Expert Meeting

Expert Meeting Chair Heather Etchevers with Mark Beckwith of Nevus OutreachOn September 28-30, over 100 people interested in CMN and NCM gathered in France from around the world to report results and observations, stimulate discussion, foster collaboration, and enable caregivers to apply the most current findings in their practice. Experts reported on the availability and development of patient-managed research resources to the scientific and medical community.

Members of patient associations from 16 countries met to create a new international federation called Naevus Global, which will work to help patients become networked together around the world.

Videos of Q&A sessions and slideshows of presentations from the meeting are available. Go to and click on the two tickets to access to the content.

This meeting was sponsored by you, the people of Nevus Outreach, and by the National Institutes of Health and the Morgan Family Foundation. Thank you for making it possible.


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