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Grassroots Fundraising

Announcing the new Grassroots Event Fundraising Campaign – your opportunity to help support the 2018 Conference, and the work of Nevus Outreach, and earn free conference sign-ups and hotel nights! Lots of people have raised money for Nevus Outreach in the past, but we’ve never been so organized!

Thankful For Grassroots Support Campaign

Nevus Outreach, like any charity, needs donations to do all the things it does. We’re not a government agency or a private foundation or anything like that. We’re a simple non-profit, a 501(c)(3). We only survive because of people like you reading this.

We built a tool so people with nevi and their families and friends can raise a few bucks to help. We realized we should find a way to thank people who help us out like this, so we made this tool keep track of who raised what, so that when conference time rolls around, we can show our thanks by giving back credit to the family that helped, when they sign up to come to the conference. Simply put:

When you raise this much  You get this much credit
$1000 Sign-up one adult to attend free (approx $250)
$500 Sign-up one child to attend free (approx $125)
One free conference hotel room night

These credits come into play when a family signs up to attend the conference. Conference sign up will open in early 2018, and all these amounts will be sitting in the families’ accounts waiting to be called into service. This tool has helped more and more people attend our conference every time.

To learn how you can put on a Grassroots Fundraiser, click here.

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Create Your Own Grassroots Fundraiser

See Our Fundraising Toolbox For Ideas

Advice and tips for a succesful Nevus Outreach Grassroots Fundraiser.

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