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Grassroots Fundraising

Announcing the new Grassroots Event Fundraising Campaign – your opportunity to help support the 2016 Conference, and the work of Nevus Outreach, and earn free conference sign-ups and hotel nights! Lots of people have raised money for Nevus Outreach in the past, but we’ve never been so organized!

The Grassroots Fundraising Campaign

It costs us money to raise money.

So, we figure if you help us raise money at the grassroots level, we can give back what you save us, so we've launched the Grassroots Fundraising Campaign.

Check out the Grassroots Fundraisers people like you have already set up!

How to Participate in the Campaign

• Set Up One or More Grassroots Fundraiser Pages

Make your plans for a fundraiser and then complete the Grassroots Event Fundraiser Setup Form.

Get Started with Grassroots Fundraising for Nevus Outreach

A fundraising page will be created for your event and reviewed by Nevus Outreach. Once approved, simply direct donors to your fundraising page to make donations by credit card or optional pledge.

You can commit to more than one fundraiser– for instance you might want to hold both a Cask Night and a Comedy Night - the more the merrier. Go crazy!

See the 2015-2016 Grassroots Fundraiser List Here

• What Kind of Fundraiser Should I Put Together?

Advice and tips for a succesful Nevus Outreach Grassroots Fundraiser.

The possibilities are endless - be creative! Check out our Fundraising Toolbox, which outlines a number of ways people have done this in the past. You’ll be amazed at how creative people affected by giant nevi can be, and you’ll be inspired to think up your own special ways to do it!

• We're Here to Help

We have a lot of stuff here in the office that can help you – brochures, invitations, thank you notes, banners, signs, the Nevus Quilt, etc. We also have lots of just plain hands-on experience helping everyone who has ever put a good foot forward on behalf of our great organization. We stand ready to help you, too.

Funds Raised Support the Conference

Monies raised as part of the 2015-2016 Grassroots Event Fundraising Campaign will go towards Nevus Outreach conference expenses and the work of Nevus Outreach.

In 2014, it cost Nevus Outreach $365 for each person that attended, which is substantially more than we take in for sign-ups. It costs money to provide meals, speakers and sessions on dermatology, surgery, insurance, research, appointments to see the world's top nevus doctors, and total state-of-the-art digital full body photography. We need many additional dollars, over and above sign-ups, to put our conferences on.

So Get Started

Get Started with Grassroots Fundraising for Nevus Outreach

So get creative and figure out how you’re going to tackle this challenge then fill out this form and get started! Let us know here in the office if there is anything we can do to help you succeed!

Best of luck.

View the List of Current Fundraisers

Create Your Own Grassroots Fundraiser

See Our Fundraising Toolbox For Ideas

Advice and tips for a succesful Nevus Outreach Grassroots Fundraiser.

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