Nevus Outreach, Inc., The association for Large Nevi and related disorders.
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Fundraising for Nevus Outreach

This is a very important time for Nevus Outreach - reaching higher than ever before. The verdict is in - Nevus Outreach improves the lives of people affected by large nevi. If you read about our support of people with nevi and our scientific research, then you know there is no time to lose. Our conferences are more successful than ever, and they don't get any less expensive. We encourage you to think about how you might help.

Fundraising Toolbox

Check out this collection of original fundraisers people have put on for Nevus Outreach! There's something here for everyone. You will see things on this list you never even thought of. It's a guarantee you will see things on this list that you can do easily! (More)

Affiliate Purchasing

Online affiliate programs through companies such as allow you to raise money for Nevus Outreach virtually effortlessly! These companies donate money when you visit their site and make purchases after clicking on a link on the website. These are purchases you were going to make anyway, through reputable companies, and there is no cost to you at all! (More)

Grassroots Fundraising

Announcing the new Grassroots Event Fundraising Campaign – your opportunity to help support the 2014 Conference, and the work of Nevus Outreach, and earn free conference sign-ups and hotel nights! Lots of people have raised money for Nevus Outreach in the past, but we’ve never been so organized! (More)

The Simplest Way to Leave a Legacy

Did you know there is a way to support Nevus Outreach without writing a check? You can join the Nevus Outreach Legacy Society by remembering Nevus Outreach in your will. It’s very simple to do. Just specify your gift to Nevus Outreach, either by stating an amount or perhaps a percentage. Contact Nevus Outreach for an Estate Planning package. Finally, advise Nevus Outreach of your bequest so that we can properly thank you for your support. Thank you for considering planned giving to Nevus Outreach!

Donate to Nevus Outreach

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