Nevus Outreach, Inc., The association for Large Nevi and related disorders.

2016 Conference Speaker: Dipanjan Basu

Dipanjan Basu is a speaker at the 2016 Nevus Conference


Dr. Basu works closely with Drs. Reyes and Salgado on the Gavin Bailey Tissue Repository – where Nevus Outreach has the largest collection of human biospecimens from people with congenital nevi and related disorders, in the world. He is trained as a molecular cell biologist with particular interest in signal transduction mechanisms regulating cell division and cancer. His current research is focused on understanding the molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis in congenital neoplasms in children and development of therapeutic approaches to target such mechanisms. Working with Dr. Reyes, they have developed three-dimensional culture methods for sustainable in vitro growth of tumor cells from patients' lesions of giant congenital melanocytic nevi and neurocutaneous melanocytosis. They have been able to show that clonogenically proliferating cells carrying oncogenic NRAS were sensitive to small molecule inhibitors of signaling intermediates downstream from oncogenic NRAS. Dr. Basu is currently interested in using this model to study molecular and cellular factors driving tumor growth, progression and malignant transformation in this rare pediatric disease.

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