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Blood Drive

The 2010 Nevus Outreach International Conference saw many firsts. Among them, it was the first time in history that a sampling of blood was given from so many with large nevi, and from their family. 123 blood samples were taken that will provide invaluable information to researchers.

Having samples not only from those with the nevus, but also from their family members means comparisons can be made that were never before possible. The number of samples taken means that commonalities can be found and discoveries made.

This project, which included samples from 62 persons with CMN and 61 of their relatives, was characterized as “unprecedented” by Heather Etchevers, Ph.D., the chief science officer of the French congenital nevus association Nevus 2000 France-Europe, and a researcher for INSERM, France’s equivalent to the USA’s NIH. There she studies developmental biology, with a keen interest in how cells acquire their identity and how organisms develop over time. Dr. Etchevers went on to say “this is the largest cohort of patients in the United States with this condition to ever have their DNA analyzed.” Dr. Etchevers, one of the guest speakers at the conference, is also mother to Marjorie, a 10 year old girl with a large nevus.

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Donor giving blood at Nevus blood drive

The 2010 Nevus Outreach International Conference provided a unique opportunity to gather blood samples from 62 persons with CMN and 61 of their relatives, creating a depository that can be used to further scientific research on large nevi.

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