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2006 Nevus Outreach Conference

The 5th International Nevus Conference was held July 12 - 15, 2006 at the Dallas Marriott Solana Hotel in Westlake, Texas.

The 2006 conference offered opportunities to hear top scholars in the fields of Dermatology and Psychology on how to thrive with a Nevus. For those seeking information on surgical options, top surgeons have always been invited to our conferences to educate attendants about what they do. There was substantial time for one-on-ones with the doctors, and they welcomed it.

The Dallas Marriott Solana swimming pool hosted our 5th legendary pool party under a full tent, with mist circulating - of course Texas was hot, but we kept cool as we swam in style. There was pizza for those of discriminating taste, and for the rest of us, we had a pool-side Texas-style Barbecue.

To better meet the needs of our attendees, Nevus Outreach secured professional, licensed childcare for all of Conference 2006.

Perspectives & Memories from the 2006 Conference:

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